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Super fast shipping got here in record time. I haven't seen it work for me but I knew that was coming as I had a reduction . Seller is amazing tho and I have heard so many good things. I was kinda looking for a miracle.

Amazing Results!

I got off to a poor start for nursing due to a life-threatening delivery and a tongue-tied baby. I was forced to use a supplement but vowed to get back to strictly breastfeeding as soon as possible. It was not easy! I had a very poor milk supply and even pumping barely got any results. I tried everything anybody recommended and wasted a lot of money on remedies that did not work and some, like fenugreek, had bad results (gassy, uncomfortable baby). Finally, someone gave me a sample of Go-Lacta and the results were amazing!! I am so happy with this product! There are no side effects and I experienced a dramatic increase in milk. I wish I could tell every mom with a low milk supply about this! My baby is still happily nursing (and thriving) at 17 months and I will continue to take Go-Lacta as needed til we have run the course. My only regret is that I didn't know about it sooner.

Didn't work for me :(

Unfortunately this product didn't work for me :( I don't think it was the product itself that didn't work I believe it was because I was on BC pills. During my menstrual week I produced more milk (not a lot more, but more) but as soon as I started up again my milk supply plummeted. I'm happy I tried it as it was a last stitch effort before I gave up nursing. However I did make it 8 months so I'm pretty happy with myself and my body for the time I did invest to nursing.

Doubled My babies weight

My baby was preemie. I was so worried about his health. After taking Go-Lacta, he doubled his weight.

Essential part of any breastfeeding routine

" Breastfeeding is the best way to provide your baby with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Taking Malunggay is one way to ensure that you have enough breast milk for your baby during the critical first days after birth and during your entire nursing period. Go-Lacta® is 100% Malunggay, and is an essential part of any breastfeeding routine."

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Reviews 1-5 of 41

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