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Founded in 2007, Go-Lacta® by Sugarpod Naturals has been an integral part of the breastfeeding community. The first to introduce Go-lacta® Premium Malunggay leaves into the U.S. Go-lacta® is specially formulated as a breast milk supplement for moms and their babies. It is rare to find research on dietary supplements for breastfeeding moms. You will find our double blind clinical studies to be very significant and valuable. It definitely makes a difference especially for those who are wondering about our efficacy as a natural galactagogue.

Our dedication and promise to Go-lacta® moms is to provide the highest quality, premium malunggay and safest galactagogue.

Go-lacta® is pure vegetable, mother nature's gift to moms and babies.

Our Story

When you find something that works, share it with the world.


Being from the Philippines myself, I knew of an old wives' tale about a vegetable, when eaten regularly by a breastfeeding mom, would help her make more breast milk. This widely known vegetable is traditionally eaten by Filipino women who are pregnant and breastfeeding. Both children and adults also benefit from its abundance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids making it as one of Asia's superfoods.

This vegetable is called Malunggay which is native to the Philippines.

Go-Lacta PolvoronAfter I gave birth to my first child, I would eat all kinds of dishes that contained malunggay leaves. I had a good amount of milk supply and my little one was happy and thriving.

At that moment, we were determined to share this superfood with the world and prove it to be an effective galactagogue. Breastfeeding can be joyful and overwhelming at the same time especially during the first week after delivery and at the same time the transition to motherhood.

The experience of breastfeeding and the time spent in mom groups became an inspiration, a our1stonecommitment and a personal desire to share mother nature's gift with all the moms who want to breastfeed and for babies to benefit from breast milk. Go-Lacta® is a breastfeeding supplement that is purely natural, healthy for mom and baby, and gives moms the boost they need to increase breast milk supply.

Join us in this journey of helping moms nourish their babies with breast milk.

Keep the milk flowing!

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